Rich Allela

An Experiential Photo Exhibition

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The Artist

Rich Allela is a multiple award winning photographer and filmmaker who tells African stories that celebrate culture and heritage.

Featuring 30 of his best works as he turns 30, the exhibition incorporates augmented reality, a first of its kind in Kenya which is aimed at taking the viewer on a journey behind the scenes to show them the creative process. This particular collection is a celebration of the rich and the diverse culture of Kenya and its people, his creative conceptual photos and all the unique things that make our country a special place to live in.

Allela’s father always carried a camera with him. His untimely death when Rich was 12 years old unknowingly turned Allela into the family photographer. Rich Allela did not know that his journey into photography had just begun and it would take another 12 years before he quit his job as a shoe designer at Bata Shoe company to pursue photography full time.

Allela’s work has been published in several magazines and featured in news outlets such as CNN, BBC among others. He is the first Kenyan photographer to have his photos featured on Canon product packages globally.

This exhibition is the culmination of his best works up until this moment, a first of its kind on the content fusing art and technology to give you an experience like no other.

All photographs are originals printed on fine art medium guaranteed to last 100+ years with proper care. Each is a limited edition of 10 prints.

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To purchase a print please email [email protected] or call +254 710 363 409